Yin And Yang Reflected Confessions

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intangible tree

i heard him

i swear i tasted him

i glared at the rays of sun through the crevices of the branches

the smell of tragedy never felt so sweet

i held on to the blanket so tight, wrapping myself in fear

it didn’t stop my desire for him

my eyes followed the roots overlapping layers that went so deep 

i’ve never been so intrigued 

the way he shared so much but never spoke

he gave so much but never received

his soul was lost, lost by how much he knew, he knew too much 

distance kept his pride, distance gave him power
 but if you looked closely his branches wallowed, his bark was hallow, his power and pride never gave him love

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7 months ago


everything brings me tears these days
the way the sky gleems at me
the way that baby smiles without doubts
hours spent on nothing
hearing the rain hitting against the pavement
i’m forgetting reality 
what is real 
why are we here
listening to my favorite song
losing a simple game
remembering endless memories
watching death 
hearing your footsteps in my dreams
the way no one listens
how no one really knows you
the way the wind blows beneath me
those adventures spent on innocent encounters
believing in something, anything
everything brings me tears these days

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1 year ago

i smile there

i taste it in my dreams
i smile there 
in real life; it’s too risky
like a child running with scissors
i smile there
the way the silk sheets rub against my body
being caressed by fears
holding my heart in someone else’s chest
i smile there


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1 year ago

No one inside

No one truly understands me
No one truly intrigues me
No one makes me feel complete
To many nights spent thinking on love
To many nights spent on loving no one
Living on myself because it’s safe
I don’t care that I am pretty
I am destroyed inside

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1 year ago

unknown desert

i feel so lost & unbalanced
walking through a desert of snow
it freezes my fingertips & i lose touch
takes over my mind; i feel nothing
i lay in a dark room filled with noise
hearing voices of nostalgia
i fear the unknown

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1 year ago

textured silence

lost between the clouds
of a shine less night
& the whispers of loud silence.
i smell the sun from a shadow of tomorrow.
no more words
without one last whiff of the wet pavements.
breathe the texture of unspoken thoughts.

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1 year ago

reserved change

i don’t like going to parties
but it’s nice to be invited
i want a lot of friends
but i tend to be reserved 
i believe in soul mates
but i don’t believe in forever
one day i live far away
but i’m terrified of change 

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1 year ago


it’s ironic your generosity for the needy
while the ones who give, never receive from you
the way you pray & pray
& the way you deny;deny
you say we don’t listen
but your mouth never stops speaking
how you point & say whats wrong but never stop & change
it’s ironic that you love the flowers but never take the time to watch them grow

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1 year ago


we go to church like a family should
makes their wrong doings feel good
i do nothing wrong but i live in shame
look at your grades, you’re worthless
i am pointless i know
trapped in my room running from you
i believe in peace but i am in the middle of a war
my mom says learn to live this way
i learn to live miserably today, tomorrow & everyday 
what do i do to deserve this
we go to church like a family should

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1 year ago

these fucking blues

maybe it’s best to speak to you
maybe it’s best to never think of you
maybe you were all a mess just like me
maybe you just wanted to leave
maybe your ego is eating your thoughts
maybe your emotions are at loss
maybe you miss me too
maybe i should stop listening to these fucking blues
just maybe you felt it too 

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1 year ago